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Backsplash Guards: Protect Your Kitchen Walls

There are a number of ways to protect your kitchen walls. These include backsplash guards and water proof paint that you can use to ensure that your paint does not begin to peel under the damp conditions and frequent steam of the kitchen. Waterproof pain will also help you to keep your walls clean as it will be easy to wipe down and clean off stains.

Backsplash guards are another good way of protecting your walls as they prevent stains from even getting on the wall in the first place, particularly in key areas. Tiling is another way to protect your kitchen walls. Tiles are extremely easy to clean and keep clean and you can scrub them, spray them and subject then to virtually any treatment you wish.

However, out of all of these methods, the backsplash guard is probably the most convenient to install and use. First of all, the guard does not require you to paint or retile your entire kitchen. Painting and tiling are both substantive and relatively expensive tasks and can take you quite a lot of time. However, a backsplash guard is extremely cheap and easy to install. You can pick up a good guard from any local hardware store for a few dollars and all you have to do to install it is stick it against the wall.

Another advantage of guards is that they can be placed in the most important and stain prone areas. These areas are usually around the stove and the sink. Many stains are created around the stove as food splashes, especially when it is boiling. Therefore, not only is the kitchen backsplash cheap and easy to install, but it protects your wall exactly where it needs protection the most.

Backsplash guards can be purchased from most hardware, appliance and kitchen supply stores. They should be available for less than twenty dollars although you can always pay more if you want. Guards come in a variety of sizes and can usually be cut to size if you have an unusual shape or area that needs to be covered, or if you have a light or power socket that the guard needs to go around.

Most people are very concerned about the look and style of their kitchen and backsplash guards are perfect for this because they are available in such a wide variety of colours and from different materials. Backsplash guards can come in adhesives made from plastic, wood, ceramics, steel and even glass. No matter what kind of style and look you are going for with your kitchen, you will be able to find guards that fit the bill.

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