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Cheap Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Cheap Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Do you want to create a unique kitchen on a budget, something like none other? Then it sounds as if a few cheap kitchen backsplash ideas are just what you'll need.  A new kitchen tile backsplash, which can add color and sophistication. As you will discover, the choices you have for a new cheap kitchen backsplash are nothing like they used to be. Today, you will find beautiful colors and designs, literally helping make your kitchen come alive. All for prices that won't break your bank.

Since the kitchen is the most used and popular room of the home anyway, you might as well do all you can to make it stand out. With a cheap kitchen backsplash, you can. The choices now available provide contrast while still blending in perfectly with the countertop, cabinetry, and even flooring. Most people think to update or enhance a kitchen, they have to spend a fortune, but the truth is that a new kitchen tile backsplash is affordable and the results incredible.

Cheap Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: Materials

One option for a new kitchen tile backsplash it to use traditional porcelain tiles. These tiles are extremely inexpensive and today, they are available in a large variety of colors. Now, if you want something with pizzazz but find yourself on a budget, you could use the porcelain, kitchen tile backsplash but get creative. For instance, you might take a few tiles and stencil them, taking them to a local ceramic shop to have them glazed and fired.

Another option of turning an ordinary kitchen tile backsplash into something very different is with a product called Stone It, sold for around $8 a can at retain stores. For this, you could find inexpensive porcelain tiles and then spray on this product, which are granules of stone. Stone It comes in a variety of colors and the result is tile with texture and specks of color that is simply gorgeous. In addition, this type of kitchen tile backsplash cleans up nicely and is perfectly safe.

If you have a little more money in your budget, then you could create a kitchen tile backsplash that consists of hand-painted tile. You will find a number of artists that sell tile at home improvement stores for around $16 per tile. Now, if you want to take advantage of the custom tile but cannot afford $16 a tile for the entire kitchen tile backsplash, then you might choose several to create a center mural, surrounded by less expensive tile.

For this type of cheap kitchen backsplash, you will find hand-painted fish, flowers, birds, roosters, fruit, geographic designs, and much more. The colors are rich and vibrant, while being available in a number of different sizes such as a six-inch to eighteen-inch square. For this, you could create a kitchen tile backsplash that is eye-catching, bright, fresh, easy to clean, and designed to last for years.

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